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Define Attributes for Dimensions option missing from the Modeling page


Why don’t I have access to “Define Attributes for Dimensions” on the Modeling Page?


Attributes for Dimensions will be available on List dimensions. If there are no List dimensions in the instance, this menu will not be available for use. To create a List dimension and assign attributes to its values, please see the steps below:

1.From Modeling > Define Dimensions you can create a List dimension by selecting an existing dimension and checking off the “List dimension” box on the right. Any new dimension created will be a List dimension by default. An existing dimension can be set as a List dimension if it has a flat structure (no hierarchy in its values).

2. Go to Modeling > Define Attributes for Dimensions and use the drop-down menu to select the correct dimension to assign an attribute. Click "New Dimension attribute" or "New Dimension attribute value" to assign an attribute for these dimensions and dimension values.

3. Go back to Modeling > Define Dimensions and then click on the dimension value on the right part of the screen. You should now see attributes that you can assign for these values.

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