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Change the corporate (top level) currency

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


Is it possible to change our corporate currency within Adaptive and how we would go about doing so?

Currently, we have a Canadian Entity at the top of our hierarchy with USD and GBP underneath (rolling up into consolidated). We are moving over to USD reporting, so we require this to be our top level and have CAD and GBP rolling up into it.

Please advise to the process required to make these changes.


First, consider whether you need the currency changed for your plans or if just being able to report in another currency is enough. If reporting is all that you require then using dimensions on a report might be the better option for you.

Otherwise, you can change the corporate currency by clicking on the “Currencies” link on the Modeling page. You will need to first delete the additional currencies - USD, GBP - before you can change the corporate currency from CAD to USD. Once you have designated the corporate currency, you can then add back in the other currencies - CAD, GBP.

Deleting all currencies in order to change the corporate currency will not affect the data that exists on any standard sheets. The only situation where you would need re-import data is if you have originally imported data in one currency, say US dollars, and now you want the data to show in another currency, say Canadian dollars.

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