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Assign attributes to dimensions via import

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


Is it possible to assign Dimension Attributes to Dimension values through an import?


While a Dimension Attribute column will not be included within the generated import template after selecting Download template, you may add an additional header populated with the desired Attribute/Attribute value combination you would like to associate with a particular Dimension Value. After doing so, you can then use the Update option under Import Dimension Structure which will update your Dimension values with the designated Attribute value. Please note that when updating Dimension Attribute taggings, the Dimension Attribute and Dimension Attribute values must already exist within the model, as they cannot be created during this update process. Below are a few examples demonstrating the steps taken during this process:

1. Download the import template by selecting Import Dimension Structure and then Download template.

2. Add the necessary Dimension/Dimension value information within the columns, and insert a new column for the attribute you wish to assign and populate the cells with the desired Attribute values.


3. Select Import Dimension Structure, choose the Update option, select the newly created import file, and click Upload.


4. The Dimension values included in the import file with then be updated and assigned the designated Dimension Attribute values.





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