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Export formulas

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


How can I export all of the formulas in my model?


With current functionality, there is not a single report or export that can be run to export all formulas in your model at one time; however, you can get a snapshot of formulas for each account type with the steps below.

GL and Custom Accounts 

  • Standard Accounts - In a sheet, select a group of cells and cut and paste into Excel – this will bring over the formulas rather than the data.  Note that formulas can vary by Version and Level, there is no single location that has all of the GL/Custom formulas.
  • Linked Accounts – Navigate to Modeling > GL or Custom Accounts > select Printable View – this shows the Modeled or Cube account sources for the GL/Custom accounts.

Metric Accounts

  • Go to Modeling > Metric Accounts > select Printable View – the Excel file will show the formulas for all Metric accounts.

Cube Accounts

  • Display the sheet so all accounts display as rows. Select the formula in the formula bar and paste into Excel.

Modeled Accounts

  • Display the modeled accounts in a standard sheet. Select the formula in the formula bar and paste into Excel.
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