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Calculated account formula syntax for Modeled sheets

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


I have a modeled sheet that contains a date column and three numeric columns (Labor, Parts, and Planning). I want the system to sum the three numeric columns and expense the value in the appropriate month based on the date element. In the example below, I want February 2013 to display a value of 1.7 million. How would I accomplish this?


You should create the logic in a Calculated account and then display the account on a report or a Standard sheet. Here is an example of the formula logic to have the data populated in the month specified:

if(versionmonth(this)=versionmonth(ROW.Date), (ROW. Labor+ROW.Parts+ROW.Planning),0)

It is important that ROW. syntax is used rather than ACCT. syntax. This is because ACCT. syntax pulls the entire value of the account for the level into the calculation for each row on the sheet on that level.  Using ROW. syntax gives you the data for the row only.

If we then view the sheet and right-click on the row and choose Row Details, we can see that the value 1,700,000 is displayed in February 2013.

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