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Tag Multiple Existing Accounts With Attributes

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


I would like to apply a Controllable/Non-Controllable attribute to all GL accounts.  Since there are only a few non-controllable accounts, I thought that I could first apply the Controllable Attribute to the parent account “Operating Expenses”, and then go and change the few accounts below that are non-controllable.  The system is not letting me do this.  What do you recommend?


If you update a parent level in an account tree, the child accounts under that parent will update with the attribute selected for the parent. If it is the case that all values under a parent have the same attributes, you do not have to update one at a time. If it is the case that most of the values under the parent will have the same attribute, but one or two may be different, you might try the following:

1. Assign the parent account an attribute. This will assign the attribute to all child accounts of the parent.

2. Reassign the parent account to none. When the parent account is untagged, all of the child accounts will retain the attribute assigned in Step 1.

3. Update any child accounts that need to be assigned a different attribute than what was assigned in Step 1.

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