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Reverse the sign of a contra revenue account


When our instance was set up, the Scholarships contra revenue account was included in expenses. We want the values in the account to be negative, and we want the account to rollup to revenues. I moved the Scholarship account under revenues; however, the values are still positive. How do I get the Scholarships to show as a contra revenue?


In order to update the values without re-importing, you can use the Adjust function to decrease the values by 200%. The simplest way to adjust the value by 200% across all levels in a version at once, is to take the following steps.

  1. Open the sheet that contains the account
  2. Right click on the account name and select View by Level
  3. Highlight all values that you wish to adjust. To highlight all values in the sheet, click on the top left value> hold down the shift key on the keyboard> click on the lower right value
  4. Once the values are highlighted, right click and select Adjust
  5. Select Decrement by Percent in the drop down box and enter 200 in the value box
  6. Click Apply and Save
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