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Restrict Access to Salary Detail by Level


Is it Possible to Restrict Access to Salary Detail by Level?


If you are facing a scenario where you would like one of your users to have access to salary detail, but not for every level, then we typically suggest creating two separate users.  Some administrators would like their users to have access to this information for certain departments, but not others.  Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to restrict access to salary detail accounts by level. 

However, one thing you can do is create two different users.  One user would have access to all of their departments, except for the department you do not want them to see salary detail for, and have the salary detail role permission enabled. This would allow them to see the salary detail for any other department. The second user would have access to any level, but would not have salary detail permissions.  The employee could then use both of these users interchangeably to access the necessary data.

We do have plans to revamp the way salary permissions are granted and restricted which should make this process simpler in the future.  However, we do not yet have a tentative date determined for when this will be released.  If you have any suggestions for this enhancement we recommend submitting these via our Product Feedback portal, which may be accessed from the main navigation menu>Support>Product Feedback.

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