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Reference Multiple Values Using A Linked Account


How do I reference multiple values using a Link Account?


Linking accounts will allow the data in a GL or Custom account to be connected directly to a modeled or cube account without having to establish any formulas. The link is established in the GL Account Administration page (or Custom Account page), and it is valid across all versions, levels, and time periods.

A link can be filtered by a dimension value for further specification. See the image below for an example of this.

This link is designed to target only one account and filter to achieve a 1:1 linked relationship. However, it is possible to link a GL/custom account to multiple cube accounts by linking to a parent of several accounts, as shown in the image below.

It is also possible to link to multiple dimension values by building a common parent to different linked accounts.

As an example, this GL account (6460 Misc. Travel) is shown to be linked to three dimension values (Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina) while excluding the other values.


To achieve this, the GL account is itself not linked. Instead, three child accounts have been created that are each set up as a linked account and filtered by the desired dimensions. The parent to each of these linked accounts will simply add up the value in each of the child accounts.

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