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Information About Link Accounts

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


What is a Link Account and when should it be used? What happens when I update and existing account to be a Link Account?


Linking an account allows you to link a GL account to a modeled or cube account, without having to create formulas. The link is established in account administration, is valid across all versions, levels, and time periods, and cannot be overridden by end users. Furthermore, linked accounts behave nearly identically to the modeled or cube account to which they are linked. For example, on sheets and reports they display values tagged by dimension.

A linked account will have two options for Actuals, Show Actuals if LInked Account Has Them and Enable Actuals for Link. The first choice, Show Actuals if Linked Account Has Them, means that the linked account has no Actuals behavior of its own; it does not allow Actuals to be uploaded or edited, but does display actuals if the cube or modeled account to which it is linked has Actuals enabled. This choice is the default. The second choice, Enable Actuals for Link, means that the account can have actual data of its own, regardless of whether the cube or modeled account to which it is linked has actual data.

When you update an existing account to be a link account, all splits and cell notes from all planning versions will be deleted. In the Actuals version, all actual data and splits for the account are left alone if the new linked account has Actuals enabled. They will be deleted if Actuals are not enabled.

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