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Collapsed and Expanded Account View Setting

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


I have several GL accounts that are set to start collapsed. However, the GL accounts are expanded on the sheet. Why are the accounts expanded if the account is set to be collapsed?


The "start expanded" setting is the initial setting for all users when they first log in and view a sheet. For example, if you create a new user and the user views the sheet where you set the "start expanded" option as no, the user will see the sheet in the initial state that you specified (which is collapsed).

Users have the ability to update their view of the sheet (collapse/expand accounts, and specify the time granularity displayed on the sheet) and the individual user preferences "override" the initial settings created by the Administrators. If the user then expands the accounts and saves the sheet, the user's view takes precedence over the settings the Admin created.

You can collapse the accounts and then save the view of the sheet. To activate the Save button, you have to make some sort of change to the sheet. Try clicking on the "Show and Hide" button, the last button in the toolbar, and select or deselect an option. For example, you could uncheck and then recheck the "quarters" check box for one year and the save button will activate. Save the sheet. Your view with the collapsed accounts will now be saved.

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