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Change the settings for multiple accounts at one time

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 

Question: How can I change multiple accounts to be Link accounts without manually updating the settings for each account?


You can use an import template to make changes for multiple existing accounts.

To change an account type to Link:
  • Go to Modeling > General Ledger Accounts > select Import account structure from the toolbar > click Download template
  • Open the template file > find the Linked Account column > insert a new column named Type
  • Populate the Type column with Link > enter the account code of the source account you are linking to in the Linked Account column
  • Save the file > use the Update option to import the changes

Converting an existing account to a link account will delete all plan data currently in the account.



Question: How can I change the names and codes for multiple accounts without manually updating each account?


Account Name Change

The name of an account can be changed during an Update of the account structure as long as the account code remains the same. 

When using an import template to update or append accounts, the accounts will be matched based on their code which is why codes cannot be changed during the import. However, it is possible to change account codes by utilizing an updateAccounts API call in conjunction with the exportAccounts API call.

Account Code Change

The exportAccounts API call can be used to retrieve the internal ID’s for the desired accounts. This information can then be used in the updateAccounts call to match the accounts and allow the code to be updated in bulk.

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