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Are Multiple Versions Of Actuals Available In Adaptive Insights?


If adjustments are made to prior periods (either financial or operational data), how do I ensure that my forecast doesn't change? I need to ensure the integrity of my forecasts, even if Actuals change. Are multiple versions of Actuals available in Adaptive Insights?


There can only be one true Actuals version. One option you might consider would be to hard-code the data currently in the forecast version so that it is no longer dependent on formulas that reference the Actuals version. This way when the Actuals data changes, the forecast data will remain the same.  To do this, you can export the data from the forecast version and then import it back to the same version. Doing this will overwrite the formula driven accounts with hard-coded values. This can be done from the Integration area of the application.

 Helpful Hint: Selecting "None" in the Export screen for both the level and account Filters will export only the data combinations that contain values.

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