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What Is A Row Key?


What is the Row Key used for?


The purpose of the Row Key is to allow users to assign a label to the rows on Modeled Sheets, which would behave like split labels on a standard sheet. The rows on Modeled Sheets are basically splits of the calculated Modeled Accounts. When the Modeled Accounts are displayed on a sheet or a report, the rows will be identified with the Row Key.  

Only Text Columns that are not split in Modeled Sheets can be set as the Row Key. To set a column as the Row Key, take the following steps.

  1. Go to Modeling > Level Assigned Sheets
  2. Click on the Modeled Sheet name
  3. Select the Sheet Properties icon (the "i" icon)
  4. Select the Settings tab
  5. Select the column to set as the Row Key by clicking on the column name
  6. Click OK> Save the sheet

Important Note for split columns: Columns that are set to the Row Key cannot be split. This means if a column has the Split box checked and is then set as the Row Key, the Split box will automatically become unchecked. The text entered on the split rows will then be removed once the sheet is saved with the column set as the Row Key. If the Split box is then rechecked on the column or if the Row Key setting is removed from the column, the values on the split rows will reappear. Additionally, the Split box cannot be checked once the column is set to the Row Key. This is because the rows cannot have multiple labels.

Displaying the Row Key on a matrix report: In order to display the Row Key information on a matrix report please ensure the following;

  • Make sure that the account element is in the innermost row tier on the row axis
  • In the Report Format tab check the box to  "show splits in accounts"
  • In the modify report screen, right-click on the account and select properties. Click on the (+) to expand the accounts to display the splits


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