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Display Columns On Modeled Sheets


The Display Column on my Personnel sheet is displaying all zeroes. Why is this happening? I know that there are values that should be appearing.


We advise that clients create reports rather than use display columns on modeled sheets, as it can be difficult to display the correct amount in the display column. Let's review an example to better understand the issue.

I have a display column on my modeled Personnel sheet to show the employee's salary in the Budget 2012 version, but the column is displaying zeroes for all employees, which is not correct. If I go to the modeled sheet builder and review the account's settings, I see the following (see figure 1 below for a screen shot):

Reference Month: First non-Actuals month

Start of Rollup Range: Reference Month

Number of months in Rollup Range: 1

I then determine that the first non-Actuals month is Dec 2011. This means that the salary displayed on the sheet is only for Dec 2011, since the reference month is the first non-Actuals month and the number of months in the rollup range is 1. Why does this calculation return a zero for Dec 2011 in Budget 2012 version? Budget 2012 does not begin until Jan 2012.

When we see problems with display columns, the issue is almost always with the display column element and what months are being displayed on the sheet for the calculation. It is best to check the account settings to determine what data is being displayed on the sheet.

Figure 1