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Currency In View By Level Mode


I am trying to edit some values in a version, but when I look at the sheet the numbers don't show up. I have tried entering values directly on the sheet and via import, but the new numbers still will not display. Why is this happening?




This behavior is related to Currency Exchange Rates and viewing the sheet in View By Level Mode. In view by level mode the sheet will show values in the currency assigned to the first level displayed on the sheet. This is also the currency that new values should be entered in. If no exchange rates are populated, then no currency conversion will happen and as a result zeros will display.

The Canada Sales level is assigned the CAD - Canada, Dollars currency.


If you were to view the IT Expense account in view by account mode, you will notice that the values match the report and are displayed in CAD.


If we switch to view by level mode, the sheet will display values in the currency of the first level displayed on the sheet, in this case USD.

Because exchange rates for CAD to USD have not been populated in the version, the values do not convert to USD and instead display as zeros. To see the values convert, we will just need to enter CAD to USD exchange rates. 

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