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Creating A Personnel Audit Sheet


How do I create a sheet to view the account drivers behind my personnel sheet?


Calculations on a modeled sheet are performed on a row-by-row basis with Calculated Accounts as the drivers. These Calculated Accounts are held on the Modeled sheets themselves from Admin>Manage Sheets on Level (or Admin>Manage User Sheets - Restricted by User)>"Edit" next to a Modeled type sheet>Calculated Accounts at the bottom.



You can right-click on a row on a modeled sheet and select "Row Details" to see the values returned from these Calculated Accountsfor that individual row/employee


Viewing each individual row may take quite some time using the right-click>Row Details method.

One thing you could do is create what is commonly called a Personnel Audit sheet. This will allow you to view all the values calculated behind each row for each Calculated Account. This is typically done for Personnel sheets, but could be utilized for any Modeled Sheet.

Steps to Create a Personnel Audit Sheet

1. Go to Admin>Manage User Sheets - Restricted by User>New Sheet

  • If you create it from Admin>Manage Sheets on Levels, any user who can see sheets, even without Salary Detail permission, would be able to see the total values of your Personnel Calculated Accounts for the levels they have access to, but they could not see the data broken down by individual row (Employee).

2. "Sheet name:" can be Personnel Audit (or whatever you would like to name the sheet) and "Create new sheet:" should be set to the default (Standard)

4. You can then click "Next >"

5. You will be taken to the account page for this sheet. On the left you can change, under Select Accounts, "Type:" to Modeled, locate the Personnel Sheet, and then click "Add To Group" at the bottom. You can either add the whole sheet, which includes all Calculated Accounts, or add each desired account individually

6. Click "Next >" at the bottom twice (you should not need any dimensions added to the sheet)

7. Uncheck "Start in view by level mode:" and then click "Next >"

8. Double-click on the users who you want to access this sheet then click "Next >"

  • This should typically only be Administrators will the Salary Detail Permission and full level access.

9. Check off the levels you want available on the sheet. If this is a "User Sheets - Restricted by User", whatever levels are available on this sheet will be shown to all users, regardless of their level access. If you create it as a regular sheet from Manage Sheets on Levels, level access will still apply, but users without Salary Detail permission would not be able to see the data broken down by Employee.

10. Click "Create Sheet" at the bottom

11. If this is a User-Assigned Sheet, it will now show up for the users you have assigned to view the sheet from the navigation menu>Assumptions. If it is a regular sheet, it will show up from navigation menu>Sheets.