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Version Specific Changes Vs. Structural Changes


What changes in Adaptive are Version specific and what changes are Structural changes?


Version Specific Changes

Changes that are specific to the Version you are working in:

  • Updating Lookup Table values and Assumptions
  • Formulas in the Formulas tab
  • Data Imports
  • Data entry on sheets
  • Editing rows on a modeled sheet
  • Allocation Rules (Note: Changing the rule itself is not global in nature, but will impact any version checked in the Scope tab)

Structural Changes

Structural Changes that will affect all versions, including locked and hidden versions:

  • Adding, deleting, renaming, and moving levels in your Organizational Structure
  • Adding, deleting, renaming, and moving accounts in the account trees
  • Adding, deleting, and renaming sheets
  • Changing formula logic in Cube calculated accounts, Modeled accounts, and Metric accounts
  • Changing which accounts are displayed on Standard sheets
  • Changing which levels have access to a sheet
  • Customization for Sub-levels on a Standard sheet
  • Cube restrictions that are not on Version
  • Changes to the Modeled sheet builder and the Cube sheet builder