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Too Many Formulas Error

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


Why am I receiving an error for too many formulas in my version? I need to be able to add more formulas so can this limit be increased?


The error: "there are too many formulas in this version. You cannot add more formulas to this version"  will appear in the Formulas tab when formulas exceed the default limit.

The default maximum number of allowed shared formulas is 200K, and the default maximum number of projected shared formulas is 10M on a version by version basis. The maximums are enforced to ensure optimal performance for the model.

  • The number of shared formulas is equal to the number of Levels multiplied by the number of Accounts.
  • The number of shared formulas is then multiplied by the number of periods in a Version to calculate the number of projected shared formulas.

Here are some things to consider when reducing the size of the model:

  • Can the number of periods be reduced in the Version?
  • Could the number of Levels be reduced to plan at a higher Level?
  • If there are Accounts that have the same formula for all Levels, could those Accounts possibly be created as Metric Accounts?
  • If the formula is not necessary in a certain Level, could it be removed?

After reviewing these items, if your model is not experiencing any performance issues, please reach out to Support and we may increase the limits.