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Shared Formulas Page

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


We only use Adaptive a couple times a year and I noticed that the Shared Formulas page has changed. Why is the screen grayed out, as in the image below? Also, has any other functionality changed for the page?


If the screen is grayed out, it may be because the version is locked.  You can navigate to Modeling > Versions and check the "Locked" checkbox, as well as the "Lock leading months through" field.

Opening the formula assistance

One of the features included in the new formulas page is the ability to update several levels at once by checking multiple checkboxes along the left side.  To edit the formula for a certain level, simply click the checkbox on the left side corresponding to the level(s) you wish to modify.  You should then be able to open the formula assistant.


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