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Workflow for Planning and Metrics Loaders Using CCDS

To make a CCDS available in the UI, a combination of users work through the following steps:

  1. IT sets up a data source that extracts information from the CCDS Data Source.
  2. The extracted information moves to the staging area.
  • The CCDS is not available in the Data Designer.
  • Users will NOT be able to access the data in the Tables to Import section.
  1. The IT user sets up a loader for filtering and cleaning the data.
  2. The Adapter Connector team user creates tasks to combine data sources and loaders to import appropriately filtered and scrubbed data.
  3. The Adapter Connector team user optionally grants edit and launch permissions to data analysts, as well as other users and roles, for data sources, loaders and tasks.
  4. The data analyst may then run tasks on demand, or use the scheduler to run tasks automatically.
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