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Use a CCDS in the user interface

Once a CCDS is created, it is accessible under Integration > Design Integrations.

To set up a CCDS as a data source, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Integration > Design Integrations.
  2. In the Data Source area in the Component Library pane, select Create New Data Source.
    The Create New dialog box appears.
  3. Select CCDS as your Data Source type and enter the name for the data source.
  4. Click Create
  5. If OAuth is required, the user must click Request Authorization in the Actions panel. All other actions buttons remain disabled.
  6. Clicking Request Authorization launches a new browser window requiring login to the OAuth service. Once log in occurs within the new browser window, all of the buttons in the Actions panel on the left become enabled.
    The center area of the screen displays the user’s new data source settings.
  7. Enter the data source’s information:
  • Log level: Select a log level from the drop-down list to specify the detail for the logging for this data source. Your options are:
    • Error: Only logs errors
    • Info: Logs all basic information, such as when the data source was updated.
    • Verbose: Provides very detailed information about all phases and actions. (This level is used primarily for debugging or auditing, as it may produce more log information than is practical for typical use.)
    • Parameters or Static Values: Any parameters or static values your CCDS allows the user to enter. These could be start address, end address, period ranges or other information your script is designed to accept.
  1. Click Save on the Actions menu.
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