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Define the Parameters

Determine what parameters are needed in your scripts to gather the data from your web-based system.

Determine what type of information the Data Designer should fill in. This could include connection URLs, user names, passwords, start and end address for a mapped delivery route, and other information.

Add the item type you want to use by dragging it from the Settings Components. Add as many as you want to use as parameters to the CCDS Designer Settings tab so that they can be associated with a parameter and referenced in a script.

Drag Settings Component itmes into the CCDS Designer Settings

Configure the items in the Designer Settings.

CCDS configure the items in the Designer Settings

Parameters can be set as flexible so they can be changed at run time, or set so they persist for every run.

Define the parameters the Data Designer should fill in using the Parameters Maintenance Panel.

In the screenshot above, Start Address and End Address are parameters for a delivery route.

A CCDS script can reference the parameters that were created in the Data Designer Parameters Maintenance Panel. The screenshot above shows the script referencing Start Address and End Address text parameters.

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