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Create the Scripts

Write the scripts so the needed data is retrieved. These scripts reference the unique names created in the Parameters Maintenance Panel.

  1. As a Data Designer with Integration Developer permissions, visit Integration > Design Integrations
  2. Click -- Create New Data Source -- in the Component Library under Data Sources.
  3. Select Custom Cloud Data Source, specify its name and click Create.
  4. When the CCDS Authorization dialog appears, there are two options.
  1. Choose “Don’t Require OAuth” if you are not using OAuth.

CCDS - Create CCDS - Authorization Dialog


  1. Choose “Require OAuth” and select an OAuth service. Only the OAuth services configured within the Credentials area of the Component Library for an instance are visible. See Creating Credentials in Working with OAuth for more information.  

CCDS - OAuth Required - Select a Credential

  1. Visit the Scripts tab. In the Source URIs field, enter the URIs your scripts connect to separated by a semicolon (;). The Source URIs field is only used to help you identify and document the underlying source system your script connects to and is not used by the software for any other purpose.

  1. Click Edit next to the example script.


  1. The script editor opens with an example script providing code comments explaining what elements are required.

CCDS - Scripts Tab - Script Example

Scripts can be formatted and beautified in the editor with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B.
Trigger find and replace with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H.

  1. Once you have all of the necessary functions written to connect to the internet addressable system of your choice, click Save in the actions panel.

Best Practice: Syntax errors are only discovered when a script is run.  Due to the sparse nature of error messages in the log file it can be difficult to locate a problem if you've made many changes. Make relatively small changes at a time so that errors are easier to find.

CCDS scripts should perform the following general steps on Adaptive servers when attempting to connect to internet addressable systems for importing their data:

  • Test the connection to the source, using the testConnection function from your script.
  • Import the data structure, using the importStructure function from your script
  • Preview the data, using the previewData function from your script.
  • Import the data, using the importData function from your script.

The following full examples of scripts are provided:

Google Sheets

Yahoo Finance

Uber (with parameters)


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