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Workflow for Developing a CCDS


Before writing scripts for CCDS, it’s useful to plan what they will do, including what internet addressable service will be connected, what credentials are needed for a successful connection, and what data to request. As part of this planning, CCDS developers should read the API documentation of the system they wish to connect to, decide what type of authorization is needed (OAuth or System Key), and determine whether the response is in JSON or XML.

You must be assigned the Integration Developer permission within Administration > Roles and Permissions before attempting to create a CCDS in the Data Designer.

Define the Parameters

If needed, add items in the Designer Settings, then associate them with a parameter that can be referenced in a script. The full process for defining parameters is described here.

Create the Scripts

Write the scripts in the CCDS Scripts tab. The full process is described here.

Test the Scripts

Execute the scripts and verify they pull in data correctly.

Release the Scripts as a CCDS

Post the scripts to make them available for Data Designers as a CCDS Data Source the Component Library.

Data Designer uses the CCDS

The Data Designer accesses the CCDS in the Web UI.

Process Workflow Diagram

The diagram below shows the process workflow steps with more detail.


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