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API Methods

API Methods

The following methods are supported in the Adaptive Planning API:

Metadata and Data Create, Update, and Read Methods

  • createAccount : lets users create new GL, Custom, or Assumption accounts

  • createDimension : lets users create new dimensions.

  • createDimensionValue : lets users create new dimension values.

  • createLevel : lets users create new levels.

  • createUser : lets users create new users

  • customReportValues : returns a set of data for the requested report criteria in the requested instance

  • exportAccounts : retrieve metadata about accounts in the system

  • exportActiveCurrencies : retrieve metadata about currencies which have been configured in the system

  • exportAttributes : retrieve metadata for all custom attributes in the system

  • exportConfigurableModelData : retrieve a set of rows from the requested modeled sheet in the requested version and instance.

  • exportCustomerLogo : retrieve a URL that can be used to retrieve the Customer Logo

  • exportData : retrieve a set of values from a specified version

  • exportDimensionFamilies : retrieve metadata about how dimensions are related to the accounts in the system

  • exportDimensions : retrieve metadata about custom dimensions in the system

  • exportDimensionMapping : (Available only with sales planning.) export user-defined dimension mapping rules.

  • exportGroups: retrieve the complete list of all groups defined for the given instance.

  • exportInstances : retrieve metadata about the instances to which a user has access (if the user has access to multi­ple instances)

  • exportLevels : retrieve metadata about organization levels in the system

  • exportLocales : Returns a list of all locales for a company.

  • exportModeledSheet : returns the definition of the given modeled sheet

  • exportRoles : retrieve metadata about roles in the system

  • exportSecurityAudit : retrieve security event audit logs for a specified time range

  • exportSheetDefinition : retrieve the definition of a modeled or cube sheet

  • exportSheets : retrieve a list of all sheets with type, id and name

  • exportTime : returns time metadata either for a specific version, or for all versions if none is specified

  • exportTransactionDefinition : retrieve the definition of the transaction sheet

  • exportUsers : retrieve metadata about users in the system

  • exportVersions : retrieve metadata about versions in the system

  • importDimensionMapping : (Available only with sales planning.) update user-defined dimension mapping rules.

  • importModeledSheet : imports the given modeled sheet

  • publishChanges : lets users publish any unpublished changes

  • unpublishedChangesStatus : lets users determine if admin publishing is enabled, as well as how many unpublished changes they have

  • updateAccessRules : lets users update access rules for instances that use access rule security.

  • updateAccount : lets users update the properties of existing GL, Custom, or Assumption accounts

  • updateDimension : lets users update properties of existing dimensions.

  • updateDimensionValue : lets users update properties of existing dimension values.

  • updateLevel : lets users update properties of existing levels.

  • updateUser : lets users update user information (does not function once users synchronize from Workday). 

Metadata Bulk Update

  • updateAccounts: lets users update GL accounts in-bulk by uploading an XML file.

  • updateAttributes: lets users update attribute values in-bulk by uploading an XML file.

  • updateDimensions : lets users update dimensions and dimension values in-bulk by uploading an XML file.
  • updateLevels : lets users update levels in-bulk by uploading an XML file

Data Submission Methods

  • importConfigurableModelData : submit a set of rows for a modeled sheet

  • importCubeData : submit a set of data to be inserted into a cube sheet

  • importStandardData : submit a set of data to be inserted into standard accounts (GL accounts, assumptions, or cus­tom accounts)

  • importTransactions : submit a set of transactions to be inserted into the transactions data, if the transactions fea­ture has been enabled

  • eraseActuals : erase numeric data in specified time periods and accounts of an actuals version.

  • eraseData: erase numeric data from a plan or actuals version for the specified set of accounts for a given time frame.

  • recalculateSheet : recalculate sheets with the Recalculate on Demand property.


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