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API Changes by Release


Introduction of API v17

  • Updated: exportActiveCurrencies contains a userDefined attribute to identify which currencies are user-defined
  • New: API updateDimensions for updating/creating dimensions in-bulk by uploading an XML document 


Introduction of API v16

  • Updated: response formats of exportAccounts, createAccount, updatedAccount display the time stratum code of each account in the timeStratum field
  • Updated: eraseActuals only accepts time periods at the same time stratum as the input account type for API v15 +
  • Updated: eraseActuals uses the phrasing "time stratum" instead of "granularity"
  • Updated: request format of importModeledSheet includes optional strata-code 
  • Updated: response format of exportModeledSheet includes optional strata-code
  • Added: inUse and isDefault property to stratum element in exportTime
  • Added: optional leafStratumId property to the request format of exportTime
  • New: API recalculateSheet for recalculating sheets that have the Recalculate on demand property


Introduction of  API v15

Companies are only upgraded from API v14 to API v15 if they import a custom calendar in the Time Administration UI.

  • Removed: calendar-related attributes for exportInstances calendarType, q1FirstMonth, lastMonthIsFY, firstDayOfWeek, periodAlgorithm, leapWeekPeriod, and extraPeriodQuarter attributes from instance element
  • Updated: exportTime significantly overhauled
  • Updated: exportData the behavior of start and end attributes use time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings.
  • Updated: exportData output date headers changed to time period codes.
  • Updated: exportVersions to replace attributes startVerFY, completedValuesThruYr, completedValuesThruMon, completedValuesThruPer, startScrollYr, startScrollMon, startScrollPer, endVerFY, lockLeadingYr, lockLeadingMon, lockLeadingPer, leftScrollFY, startPlanYr, startPlanMon, startPlanPer, endPlanFY with startVer, endVer, startScroll, completedValuesThru, leftScroll, startPlan, endPlan, lockLeading
  • Updated: importStandardData, importConfigurableModelData, importCubeData accept time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings
  • Updated: exportLevels modified the format of the availableStart and availableEnd attributes output time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings.
  • Updated: eraseActuals behavior of attributes start and end to use time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings
  • New: API exportLocales for exporting the locales from the Time Administration UI.


Introduction of API v14

  • Updated: customReportValues includes a new optional element suppress-rollups
  • New: API exportModeledSheet
  • New: API importModeledSheet


 Introduction of API v13

  • Updated: exportAccounts includes a new optional element sheet
  • Updated: exportLevels includes a new optional element sheet
  • Updated: exportLevels includes a new optional response element hasChildren
  • Updated: exportVersions includes a new optional element include


Introduction of API v12

  • Updated: importCubeData, importStandardData, importConfigurableData, importTransactions context information that is part of their error messages can be disabled using the attribute includeContext.


Introduction of API v11

  • Removed: canBeTree attribute from exportDimensions 
  • Updated: exportInstances includes new datasources attribute
  • Updated: exportInstances includes new potential value INTEGRATION to products attribute in the instance element
  • Updated: exportLevels includes new attributeId and valueId to attribute element
  • Updated: exportLevels includes new isLinked and isElimination attributes to level element
  • Updated: exportDimensions includes new attribute and attributes elements as descendants of dimensionValue element
  • Updated: exportDimensions includes new listDimension, keepSorted, and useOnLevels attributes to dimension element
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition includes new required attribute to levels, text, dimension, text-selector, number, date, initial-balance, level-currency, display, timespan elements of modeled-sheet
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition includes new attribute element for cube sheets
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition includes new split-column-title and allow-splits attributes to modeled-sheet element
  • Updated: Import data APIs (importCubeData, importStandardData, importConfigurableModelData, importTransactions) now have context information as part of their error messages
  • New: API createDimension
  • New: API updateDimension
  • New: API updateDimensionValue
  • New: API createLevel
  • New: API updateLevel
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