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API Changes by Release


Introduction of API v25

  • Updated: exportData request no longer includes includeRollups. Request includes boolean includeRollupAccounts for account rollups and includeRollupLevels for level rollups.

Introduction of API v24

  • Updated: updateLevels request includes publishCurrency for indicating the currency when publishing a Financial Plan to Workday Core Financials.
  • Updated: exportLevels response includes publishCurrency for indicating the currency when publishing a Financial Plan to Workday Core Financials.
  • Updated: exportInstances response includes notificationType for indicating Workday tenant notification setting when Adaptive Planning is set up for Workday.
  • Updated: exportData request includes stratum for indicating the code of the time stratum for the exported data. When specified, the start and end time periods must fall within the time stratum. The time stratum must be equal to or greater than the account with the highest time stratum in the request.
  • Updated: exportData requests with markblanks=true will not output rows containing only blanks or a combination of blanks and zeroes.
  • New: eraseData for erasing plan and actuals data. Provides the same capabilities as eraseActuals but also includes the ability to erase Plan data, with additional control over specific account-plan combinations that are targets.
  • New: updateAccesRules for updating access rules in-bulk by uploading a multipart xml document containing an .xslx formatted for the Access Rules template.


Introduction of API v23

  • Updated: importConfigurableModelData request includes importKey for indicating the dimension or level to map import rows to the modeled sheet rows you want to update.
  • Updated: exportUsers and exportLevels requests can include the boolean groups so that responses include groupIds. GroupIds contain a comma-separated list of all groups the level or user belongs to. The groups attribute defaults to false.
  • New: (Available only with sales planning.) exportDimensionMapping export user-defined dimension mapping rules.
  • New: (Available only with sales planning.) importDimensionMapping update existing user-defined dimension mapping rules.


Introduction of API v22

  • Updated: exportConfigurableModelData request includes the new optional property useNumericIDs to remove the S prefix from split IDs, returning only numeric values.
  • If your company transitions to Access Rules for security, exportAccounts, exportActiveCurrencies, exportAttributes, exportDimensions, exportLevels, exportTime, and exportVersions will only validate on API v22. The response will contain only what the user indicated in the credentials element has access to.
  • Updated: updateDimensions includes the new optional properties element for a dimensionValue that can contain up to five property elements. Each property element includes a name and value. The value must be numeric.
  • Updated: exportDimensions response includes the new properties element.
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition cube sheet response includes the account code and name within the account element.
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition cube sheet response includes the dimension name within the dimension element.
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition cube sheet response includes the attribute name within the attribute element.
  • Updated: exportConfigurableModelData request includes the new optional includeAllColumns in the modeled-sheet element so that the response includes all columns.
  • Updated: exportInstances response now indicates if an instance allows Admin Publishing in the options attribute.
  • Removed: rootActuals is no longer supported for exportVersions regardless of API version.


  • (September 2019) New: exportSecurityAudit returns a report of all security events in a specified time range.


Introduction of API v20

  • Updated: exportInstances includes workdayTenantId, workdayEnvironment, workdayUiUrl, and workdayRestUrl information for instances with Workday Power of One enabled.
  • New: updateAccounts for updating/creating accounts in-bulk. Manage accounts and their properties. Allows reparenting of existing accounts.
  • New: updateAttributes for updating/creating attributes in-bulk. Manage attributes and their attribute values. Allows reparenting of existing attribute values.
  • Updated: exportAttributes includes the the autoCreate boolean property to indicate if importing dimensions, levels, accounts, or attributes automatically creates new attribute values not found Adaptive Planning.
  • Updated: exportInstances includes workdayTenantID, workdayEnvironment, workdayUiUrl, workdayRestUrl for instances with Workday Power of One enabled.
  • Removed: Single-entity APIs for createDimension, updateDimension, createDimensionValue, updateDimensionValue, createLevel, and updateLevel. Use the metadata bulk APIs of updateDimensions and updateLevels for single-entity creation or update in API v20 and beyond.


Introduction of API v19

  • New: updateLevels for updating/creating levels in-bulk. Manage levels and their attribute values. Allows reparenting of existing levels.
  • New: exportConfigurableModelData for exporting modeled sheet rows.


Introduction of API v18

  • Removed: exportLevels no longer contains inaccessibleLevels attribute in the request. See the new inaccessibleValues.
  • Removed: exportUsers no longer contains options for hiddenVersions and ownedLevels.
  • Removed: exportAccounts no longer contains the formula attribute.
  • New: exportAccounts, exportAttributes,  exportDimensions, and exportLevels include the new inaccessibleValues attribute in the request so that only users with the appropriate permissions can view inaccessible values. 
  • Updated: exportAccounts, exportAttributes, exportDimensions, and exportLevels only show accessible values by default. Only users with appropriate permissions can view inaccessible values.
  • Updated: exportAccounts, exportDimensions, and exportLevels include element versionName and versionID attribute in the request call will only succeed if the user has access to the version.
  • Updated: exportAccounts the name "GL" is now "GL Accounts" to match how reports named this account.
  • Updated: exportActiveCurrencies response is now ordered by code.
  • Updated: exportTime version element option attribute for a single version in the request will only succeed if the user has access to the version.


Introduction of API v17

  • Removed: updateUser removed from all API versions March 2018 
  • Updated: exportActiveCurrencies contains a userDefined attribute to identify which currencies are user-defined.
  • New: API updateDimensions for updating/creating dimensions in-bulk by uploading an XML document 


Introduction of API v16

  • Updated: response formats of exportAccounts, createAccount, updatedAccount display the time stratum code of each account in the timeStratum field
  • Updated: eraseActuals only accepts time periods at the same time stratum as the input account type for API v15 +
  • Updated: eraseActuals uses the phrasing "time stratum" instead of "granularity"
  • Updated: request format of importModeledSheet includes optional strata-code 
  • Updated: response format of exportModeledSheet includes optional strata-code
  • Added: inUse and isDefault property to stratum element in exportTime
  • Added: optional leafStratumId property to the request format of exportTime
  • New: API recalculateSheet for recalculating sheets that have the Recalculate on demand property


Introduction of  API v15

Companies are only upgraded from API v14 to API v15 if they import a custom calendar in the Time Administration UI.

  • Removed: calendar-related attributes for exportInstances calendarType, q1FirstMonth, lastMonthIsFY, firstDayOfWeek, periodAlgorithm, leapWeekPeriod, and extraPeriodQuarter attributes from instance element
  • Updated: exportTime significantly overhauled
  • Updated: exportData the behavior of start and end attributes use time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings.
  • Updated: exportData output date headers changed to time period codes.
  • Updated: exportVersions to replace attributes startVerFY, completedValuesThruYr, completedValuesThruMon, completedValuesThruPer, startScrollYr, startScrollMon, startScrollPer, endVerFY, lockLeadingYr, lockLeadingMon, lockLeadingPer, leftScrollFY, startPlanYr, startPlanMon, startPlanPer, endPlanFY with startVer, endVer, startScroll, completedValuesThru, leftScroll, startPlan, endPlan, lockLeading
  • Updated: importStandardData, importConfigurableModelData, importCubeData accept time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings
  • Updated: exportLevels modified the format of the availableStart and availableEnd attributes output time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings.
  • Updated: eraseActuals behavior of attributes start and end to use time period codes instead of MMM-YYYY date strings
  • New: API exportLocales for exporting the locales from the Time Administration UI.


Introduction of API v14

  • Updated: customReportValues includes a new optional element suppress-rollups
  • New: API exportModeledSheet
  • New: API importModeledSheet


 Introduction of API v13

  • Updated: exportAccounts includes a new optional element sheet
  • Updated: exportLevels includes a new optional element sheet
  • Updated: exportLevels includes a new optional response element hasChildren
  • Updated: exportVersions includes a new optional element include


Introduction of API v12

  • Updated: importCubeData, importStandardData, importConfigurableData, importTransactions context information that is part of their error messages can be disabled using the attribute includeContext.


Introduction of API v11

  • Removed: canBeTree attribute from exportDimensions 
  • Updated: exportInstances includes new datasources attribute
  • Updated: exportInstances includes new potential value INTEGRATION to products attribute in the instance element
  • Updated: exportLevels includes new attributeId and valueId to attribute element
  • Updated: exportLevels includes new isLinked and isElimination attributes to level element
  • Updated: exportDimensions includes new attribute and attributes elements as descendants of dimensionValue element
  • Updated: exportDimensions includes new listDimension, keepSorted, and useOnLevels attributes to dimension element
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition includes new required attribute to levels, text, dimension, text-selector, number, date, initial-balance, level-currency, display, timespan elements of modeled-sheet
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition includes new attribute element for cube sheets
  • Updated: exportSheetDefinition includes new split-column-title and allow-splits attributes to modeled-sheet element
  • Updated: Import data APIs (importCubeData, importStandardData, importConfigurableModelData, importTransactions) now have context information as part of their error messages
  • New: API createDimension
  • New: API updateDimension
  • New: API updateDimensionValue
  • New: API createLevel
  • New: API updateLevel
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