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Your Credentials Are Not Valid For Configuring NetSuite Integration. Please Contact Your Administrator

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


We logged in to Adaptive Insights, went to Integration > NetSuite Setup, entered by credentials in the NetSutie Account Details area and clicked Save. After I did this, I received a message that says, "Your credentials are not valid for configuring NetSuite integration. Please contact your administrator." What is causing this and how can I fix it?


This error typically means that the credentials entered do not have sufficient permissions in NetSuite to setup the Integration. The role in NetSuite must be a web-services-only access role, with the following set of permissions:

  • Transactions > Find Transactions – FULL
  • Transactions > Set Up Budgets – FULL
  • Lists > Perform Search – FULL
  • Lists > Accounts – VIEW
  • Lists > Classes – VIEW
  • Lists > Customers – VIEW
  • Lists > Departments – VIEW
  • Lists > Items – VIEW
  • Lists > Locations – VIEW
  • Lists > Subsidiaries – VIEW
  • Reports > Balance Sheet – VIEW
  • Reports > Income Statement – VIEW
  • Reports > Financial Statements – VIEW
  • Setup > Web Services – FULL
  • Setup > Manage Accounting Periods – VIEW
  • Setup > Accounting Lists – EDIT

Note: If you are a NetSuite OneWorld customer with multiple subsidiaries, grant the role access to all subsidiaries and check the cross-subsidiary record viewing permission box.

For a comprehensive instructions on how to setup the integration, please review the Netsuite sections on the following page: https://knowledge.adaptiveplanning.c...ort_and_Export