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NetSuite Import Category Mappings

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


How do I setup my Netsuite Category Mappings so that I can import my data?


Before viewing your mappings, you will first want to check the NetSuite Category Configuration page to see which NetSuite items are connected to which Adaptive elements.

  • The Category Configuration page will provide a clearer understanding for how NS and Adaptive are set up.
  • For example, Subsidiary and Department may both be connected to Levels in Adaptive.  We will focus on this example for the remainder of the article.  

Next there are two pieces that you will need to understand.

NetSuite Import Category Mappings

  1. You have the option to choose an element from the drop-down selector.
  2. Financial Planning Dimension: Level [EXAMPLE]
             a) The columns will indicate certain items from NS and Adaptive.
      • 1ST – Child NS
      • 2nd – Parent NS
      • 3rd – Adaptive Level

                    b) NetSuite Subsidiary – Department (1st): indicates that the formatting is set up to show Subsidiary followed by the Department

      • This formatting will apply to the child column (1st) and the parent column (2nd).  
      • 1st: Subsidiary Child – Department Child
      • 2nd: Subsidiary Parent – Department Parent

Import File

  1. The FromNetSuite.xlsx file may be obtained from Integration>Import History.
  2. When viewing the Level column, the formatting would be as follows:
    • Subsidiary Parent: Subsidiary Child – Department Parent: Department Child
    • The import file differs from the mapping screen in the sense that the NS elements are grouped together rather than by child/child or parent/parent.


Once you understand the file and the mappings, you may then compare to see which levels the file is pointed toward in Adaptive. 

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