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Import exchange rates

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.  


How do I import the exchange rate values found in Enter Currency Exchange Rates?


Exchange Rates can be imported in a similar manner as standard accounts.

  • From Integration > Import Data, you can select the version you wish to import data to
  • Then select “Download Template” at the bottom
  • In the second tab in the Excel template file, you will populate the Account columns with the exchange rate pair names (whatever format you would like, as you will be making a mapping to the exchange rates with the name you chose)
    • The level column will be the TOP LEVEL/CORPORATE LEVEL in your organization
    • You can remove the default "Region" column
    • "Split label" can be left blank
    • You can then enter the desired months of data
  • From the Import Data screen, you will import this template file
  • From Account Mappings, you can match the Account names in your import file to the Exchange rates in Adaptive
    • Make sure you are import to the correct type (such as EOM vs Avg)
  • You can then verify the import from Admin > Enter Currency Exchange Rates
    • The version you imported to can be changed in the upper-right if needed.
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