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Exporting To NetSuite

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


How do I export my data to NetSuite?


If the NetSuite Integration feature is enabled and the current user has the Export Budgets to NetSuite permission, then NetSuite Budget Export will be available on the Export screen. The choices for Export are NetSuite and CSV file. When you select one of these options, the other sections shown on the screen update according to your selection. If the Output Target is a CSV File, all the current Export tab sections appear below the Output Target section (see the Export tab help page for more information). If the Output Target is set to NetSuite, then none of the current Export tab sections appear, and instead the following sections appear:

  • Budget Category - In this selector, the list of all budget categories available in NetSuite is shown.
  • Fiscal Years - This section contains a series of checkboxes, one for each fiscal year where the start month and year in NetSuite and Adaptive Insights are equal. The labels shown for the checkboxes are the labels of the NetSuite fiscal years. The checkboxes are initially unchecked and a user must check at least one of the boxes in order to continue.

The following conditions apply to the NetSuite Budget Export functionality:

  • You must have the Multiple Budget Categories feature enabled in NetSuite before exporting data into NetSuite Budgets.
  • The data is exported from the current working version only; this is the version currently selected on the screen.
  • Data is exported only from GL accounts. Custom accounts, Assumptions, Modeled Accounts, and Cube Accounts are not exportable - NetSuite does not support budgets for anything other than GL accounts.
  • All old budget entries in NetSuite for the selected Budget Category for the selected fiscal year(s) are deleted, then the data from Adaptive Insights is exported into NetSuite, completely replacing any data in the NetSuite budget.
  • Data associated with AP Dimension Values whose Export Mappings are marked as "Ignore During Export" or remain unmapped will not be exported.
  • Custom level (formerly plan) dimensions are not considered when exporting GL data. Only dimension values which are assigned by the account having splits will be considered.
  • Clicking the Export button on the Export Main Page when NetSuite is the selected output target will send the user to the NetSuite Export Category Mappings page if the system finds that there is data which would be exported which is currently unmapped in the Export Mappings screen. If all of the data which would be exported is mapped in the Export Mappings screen, then the user is not sent to the Export Mappings screen and the export proceeds immediately.
  • After the export to NetSuite, the user is taken to a results page where they are informed of the success or failure of the export.
  • If no Adaptive Insights dimension maps to Subsidiary, then all data will be exported to the "root" subsidiary in NetSuite.

The values which are exported are converted to currencies according to the following rules:

  • If Adaptive Insights levels are not configured as a dimension mapping, all values to be exported are from the level rollup at the organization structure (formerly plan tree) in AP, so all values are converted to the top level currency prior to any export.
  • If Adaptive Insights levels are mapped, and the target Budget Category is not a Global Category, then values to be exported will be exported in the currency of the level where the values reside. They will be exported in that currency to the subsidiary or other dimension associated with that level in NetSuite. The user must ensure that Adaptive Insights levels map to subsidiaries of equivalent currency in NetSuite.
  • If Adaptive Insights levels are mapped, and the target Budget Category is a Global Category, values to be exported will be converted into the Corporate Currency at each level, then exported in the corporate currency and in the level where the values reside.

Note: Exchange Rates will not be exported from Adaptive Insights to NetSuite; there must be equivalent exchange rates in the two systems (in particular, in the Budget Exchange Rates area for NetSuite) so that the converted numbers roll up and tie.

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