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Create a Territory Assignment Modeled Sheet

Explains how to create a territory assignment modeled sheet for sales planning within Adaptive Insights for Sales.

Uniquement disponible avec Adaptive Insights for Sales 

The process of matching your sales territories to your sales representatives for sales planning is called territory assignment. Territory assignment is essential to optimizing sales force distribution by geography, market segment, and industry. To begin territory assignment you need to build a territory assignment modeled sheet. This sheet requires:

  • One column for your sales representatives
  • One column for geographies
  • Columns for assignment start date and end date

You can also add other dimension columns for segment, industry, or company size if your company uses those for territory assignment.

Creating a Territory Assignment Sheet

The choices made in the assignment sheet flow into other sheets and charts in your sales planning dashboards. The territory map, sales opportunities cube sheet, and other sheets rely on assignments to make your sales planning model work. After building the assignment sheet, modify territory assignments and view your dashboard to see how changes affect the rest of your sales plan.

Territory assignments are also a prerequisite for:

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  • Verify you have a dimension called SalesRep for your sales representatives and import their names as dimension values.
  • Verify you have a hierarchical dimension for Geography containing the states, regions, ZIP codes and/or area codes you use to define territories.

Comment y parvenir

Navigation Icon5.png Go to nav menu > Modeling > Model Management > Level Assigned Sheets

Create the Modeled Sheet

  1. Click New Sheet.
  2. Give the sheet a name that lets you quickly identify it as the territory assignments sheet.
  3. Give the sheet an account code prefix.
  4. Select create new sheet: Modeled Sheet and Blank modeled sheet (Advanced).
  5. Click Next.

Add Sales Representative, Geography, and Territory Related Columns

  1. Click Columns and Levels.
  2. Click Dimensions in the left panel.
  3. Drag the sales representative dimension containing all of your sales representatives into the canvas and place it below Levels. Give it a code.
  4. Drag the Geography dimension containing all of your states, ZIP codes and area codes into the canvas beneath the sales representative dimension. Give it a code.
  5. Drag in any additional territory related dimensions you might need, such as industry or segment. Give them codes.

Add Start Date and End Date Columns

  1. Click Data Entry Columns.
  2. Drag a Date element into the canvas for setting the assignment start date. Name it and give it a code.
  3. Drag a Date element underneath the start date for setting the assignment end date. Name it and give it a code.
  4. Click Save.

View the Sheet

Navigate to nav menu > Sheets and click the assignment sheet you just created. Verify that each of the columns you added are there. You can now assign territories one row at a time by selecting a sales representative, the representative's industry and/or geography, and entering the dates of their assignment.

Territory Assignment Sheet

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