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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Right-Click Actions in Excel Interface for Planning

Describes all the right-click menu options of Excel Interface for Planning.

Right-click on cells within the Adaptive Insights grid to choose Excel- and Adaptive Insights-based actions.  

To select Adaptive Insights actions, right-click in any cell, and then hover over Adaptive Insights at the top of the right-click menu. The actions available change based on the sheet and cell type.

Learn how to differentiate the different types of sheets you may see. 

Adaptive Insights Action Capability When it's Available
Explore a Cell

Drill down to find account information, related formulas, other sheets where this cell's data displays. 


All data cells in standard and cube sheets.

Time-span cells (such as Year or Quarter) in modeled sheets.

Add Split

Delete Split

Rename Split

Split a cell's value into sub-rows that will roll up to the original (for standard sheets).  All editable cells in standard sheets only.
Select Dimension Value Browse and use keywords to find and select dimension values.  Cells with dimensions in modeled and standard sheets.
Split Row Split a row of a model sheet and create an indented sub-row. All rows in a modeled sheet if the the sheet is set up with the Allow Splits function. 
Row Details Drill down to find information about the data in the row.  All rows in a modeled sheet.
View by Level / View by Account

View by Account (default view): accounts display down the first column and you  select the level from the Planning pane Model tab.

View by Level: levels display down the first column and you select the account from the Planning pane Model tab.  

All cells in the first column of standard sheets. 
None There are no Adaptive Insights actions available. Metadata cells (such as a row or column header or line items)



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