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Planning Tab Buttons in the Excel Ribbon

Describes the function of each button on the Planning tab ribbon of Excel Interface for Planning.

The Planning tab appears in the Excel ribbon after you have installed  Excel Interface for Planning .  This page explains the toolbar's buttons and their functions.  

Planning Tab Buttons

 logout2.png Log in to connect to Adaptive Planning: access your sheets, refresh the data displayed in Excel  and update the server with modifications you've made in Excel.
Log out to work offline.  You modifications are not saved to the server until you log in again and submit. 
refresheip.png Click to pull in any new data that has been entered by other users since you were last connected. If there are conflicts between the new data and your data, you'll be asked to resolve it. 
Click to save your work to the online sheets. 
Click to refresh the Planning pane with the most current  sheets, levels, and assumptions.
  Add and delete rows in certain sheets.
Add splits to create subcategories for selected rows.  The value rolls up to the original row, which will no longer be editable for you. 
delete splits.png renameSplits.png Delete and rename splits you've created. 
FindDimensions.png Browse and use keywords to find and select dimensions for a cell.
display options.png

Filter data displayed on the Grid or compare up to 3 versions on the same Grid (for example, last year's actuals, last year's budget and today's working budget).

FilterSheet.png For modeled sheets only. Filter columns by content, using operators such as begins with, ends with, and so on. 

Preference Toggles


  • Preserve local formatting to save formatting changes you've made  to the sheet  online when you click Submit.
  • Group accounts so you can expand and collapse the  rows according to your company's organization outline within Adaptive Planning. 
  • Show (or hide ) the Planning pane to view more of the Grid.  

Help icon

Use the drop-down and choose:

  • Online Help: link to contextual help articles, like this one.
  • About: Check your version. Check out the version history to make sure you're using the latest version.
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