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Use Multiple Sheets and Workbooks

Explains how to work with more than one sheet at a time in Excel Interface for Planning.

You can open several Adaptive Planning sheets each in their own Excel sheet tab - letting you focus on specific areas of the plan. For example, if you are responsible for a specific department, you can work on plans for expenses, resources, and revenue for that department level only.

To create a multi-sheet workbook:

  1. Connect to Adaptive Planning.
  2. Open a modeled Resource sheet for what-if head-count planning. Select a version and level, such as Working Budget version and a Sales level.
  3. Rename the sheet locally in Excel. For example, rename from Sheet 1 to 1. Headcount.
  4. On a second Excel sheet, open a standard sheet (keeping the same version and level). For example, open an expense sheet and rename from Sheet 2 to Expenses.
  5. On a third Excel sheet, open a cube sheet. Rename the sheet locally, from Sheet 3 to 3. Revenue.
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