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Use Excel Charts

Provides a few examples for using Excel chart and formulas with planning data.

When working with Adaptive Planning sheets in Excel, you can use Excel features, such as functions and charting tools outside the planning cell range to perform local reporting or analysis if required. This section provides two examples of using Excel with Adaptive Planning data: Excel charts and Excel formulas.

Create an Excel Chart with Adaptive Planning Data

You can insert a line chart that shows Net Income trends:

Example of an Excel Chart Referencing Data from Planning Sheet Range

  1. Select the data from a row from the Adaptive Planning sheet range. For example, select the Net Income row from the P&L sheet.
  2. Insert a line chart in an Excel range and format as desired using Excel Chart Tool options.

Note: Switching levels or version can extend the range of the Adaptive Planning grid area and can override any local Excel analysis or reporting.

Create an Excel Calculation with Adaptive Planning Data

Perform a local calculation using Excel and data from the planning sheet. Insert any Excel function or formula outside the planning sheet and reference Adaptive Planning data or a combination of Adaptive Planning data and data entered with in the Excel range.

For example, calculate the delta net income between the Q1 and Q2:

Example of an Excel Formula Referencing Data from a Planning Cell Ranage

Insert an Excel function or formula in a cell within the Excel cell range and reference Adaptive Planning cell ranges in the calculation.

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