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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Compare Data with Other Versions

Explains how to reference data from other versions while you plan in Excel Interface for Planning sheets.

You can compare versions in standard sheets only. To compare data while you plan: 

  1. Click Display Options display options.png from the Planning tab and click the Version Comparison tab. 
  2. Select a year from the dropdown.
  3. Choose the version of actuals or planning. For example, you might want to see last year's actuals and last year's approved budget as you plan this year's budget.
  4. You can enter an offset for the year: enter a negative numbers for years prior and a positive number for years after the year you selected from the dropdown. 
  5. Click OK

See how the settings change the display in the example below:

1 The Version Comparison options selected.

2 Columns without color coding are the current sheet that you're working. In this example, monthly data from 2016.

3 In this example, this column is showing General Ledger Actuals data from the prior year (-1 offset). 

4 In this example, this column is showing Draft Budget Data from prior year (-1 offset). 


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