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Add and Edit Notes

Explains how to view, edit and add notes to Excel Interface for Planning sheets.

Cells in Excel Interface for Planning with notes have red triangles in the upper right corner of the cell. 

Review Notes

  • Hover over a cell with a red triangle. The note pops up.
  • Use Next and Previous buttons in the Review tab of the ribbon to scroll through each comment.

Edit Notes

To edit or add to existing notes, right-click on the cell and select Edit Comment. Click Submit  to upload the edited comment to Adaptive Planning. 

Add New Notes

  1. Use Excel comment functions:
    • Right-click on a cell within the Adaptive Planning grid and select Insert Comment
    • Click New Comment from the Review tab of the ribbon
    • Press the Shift key and F2. 
  2. Enter the comment and click out of it. 
  3. Click Submit   from the Planning tab to upload your comment to Adaptive Planning. 

Delete Notes

To delete notes that you or anyone has created:

  1. Use Excel comment functions: 
    • Right-click on a cell with a red triangle, and select Delete Comment
    • Click on a cell with a comment and click Delete from the Review tab of the ribbon. 
  2. Click Submit  to upload the change to Adaptive Planning. 
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