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Add Splits and Rows

Explains how to add, edit and delete cell splits to standard sheets and rows to modeled sheets in Excel Interface for Planning.

You can use splits on standard sheets to add data.To add data on modeled sheets, you can add rows. Some modeled sheets also let you add splits to the rows. 

Before You Begin  


Splits allow you to create sub-rows in sheets with values that roll up to the original row. You can add, rename and delete splits on standard sheets.  

Add Splits 

  1. Right-click on the cell and click Planning > Add Split
  2. Enter a name for your new split in the field and click OK.  

    • A new row appears below the original row with the name you created.
    • The original cell turns grey (meaning it's no longer editable because it has been subdivided by the splits you created under it.)
    • You'll also see another new row under the splits you create called Total. This total calculates the value of the splits immediately after you enter the data in the splits. 
  3. Submit your updates and other users only see the total in the original row's cell, unless they are viewing the sheet from your level, in which case they'll see the splits and split values you created. 

Rename Splits

  1. Right-click anywhere in the split's row.
  2. Click Planning > Rename Split.
  3. Enter the new name and click OK
  4. Submit your update. 

Delete Splits

  1. Right-click anywhere in the row.
  2. Click Planning > Delete Split and then click OK to remove the split. Any values entered in that split will be deleted and subtracted from the total.
  3. Submit your change.

Add, Copy or Split Rows in Modeled Sheets

For modeled sheets you can add rows. Unlike splits, added rows in a model sheet do not sub-total or roll up to the original row because new rows are independent. Sometimes, if the sheet allows, you can split a row, which creates a sub-row under the original. 

Add Rows

  1. Right-click anywhere on the worksheet. Or to add multiple rows, select as many rows as you want to add (up to 50). 
  2. From the right-click menu, click Planning > Add {selected number} Rows. The new rows appears at the very end of the list. Some columns of the new row will contain default information (blue text).
  3. Edit cells in the row by selecting different values from the dropdown of the cell.
  4. Submit your updates.

Copy Rows

  1. Select as many rows as you want to copy up to 50. 
  2. Right-click and click Planning > Copy {selected number} Rows. The number changes based on how many rows you selected. The copied rows appear at the end of the list. 
  3. Edit the cells of the copied rows as needed.
  4. Submit your updates.

Split Rows

Right-click on the row to split and click Planning > Split Row. A new row appears indented below the original.

Delete Rows

Whether the row is a split or an independent row, right-click anywhere on the row or rows and click Planning > Delete {selected number} Row

To reverse a deletion, click Refresh from the Planning tab and select Overwrite my changes. The row will appear, but you'll loose any other changes you've made.

You won't be given an opportunity to confirm deletion of the row. 

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