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Refresh, Merge, and Submit Updates

Explains how to refresh and merge Excel Interface for Planning worksheets.

Best Practice: click refresh to get the latest data from the server before you make any edits or changes and before you submit new data or updates.

Submit Data

To submit data you entered, connect to Adaptive Insights and click Submit . Your updates are saved to the server, overwriting any existing data that has been previously saved or submitted. Your submitted data is still editable by other users, including you, until it's locked by an Admin.

Refresh and Merge Data

You may be working on a sheet that has been updated by another user since you last refreshed it. Refresh allows you to get the latest data, merge and compare any conflicts between your updates and the latest data, or undo your updates altogether.

  1. Click Refresh Sheet refresheip.png. When you refresh a sheet, the server considers any new data or edits to existing data a "conflict," so you'll get this message:

  2. Choose the radio button next to: 
    • Overwrite my changes: the edits you made are discarded and the data reverts to whatever has last been saved on the cloud. You can still edit this data again and submit changes. 
    • Merge my changes:
      If no one else has updated the cells you are updating, the screen will refresh, updates made by others will load into the grid, and your edits will remain on the sheet, ready to be submitted.

      If someone has updated the cells you updated, you'll see a list of conflicts comparing the data you entered to the data entered on the server. You can choose which values to keep and which to discard: 

      Click the checkbox and the grid will load the data from the server, while the data you entered will be removed. Leave it unchecked and the data you entered will remain in the grid, ready to be submitted. 
  3. Click OK.

Continue to update the grid and click submit to save your changes to the server. 

Refresh the Planning Pane

You may be working on a sheet that hasn't been opened in while. Instead of refreshing the entire sheet and all its data, save time and click Refresh Task to refresh the Planning pane only. This ensures that you have the most current versions, levels, and sheets available. 


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