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Find and Enter Data in Sheets


Explains how to find and enter data with Excel Interface for Planning using a standard, modeled, or cube sheet.

Before You Begin

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Basic Steps

  1. Connect to Adaptive Planning.
  2. Select the sheet, version, and level.
  3. Adjust the view as needed and enter data into the grid. 
  4. Submit your changes. 

Select the Sheet, Version and Level

The grid will be empty until you select at least a sheet. From the Planning pane:

  1. Select the sheet from the sheets dropdown and the data loads into your grid.  
  2. To load more than one sheet's data into your workbook:
  • Add a new Excel sheet tab to your workbook and select a different Adaptive Planning sheet from the Planning pane so that you get several online sheets in your Excel workbook.
  • Open a new Excel workbook and select a different Adaptive Planning sheet.
  • Launch another instance of Excel and access additional sheets that way.  

You can only select one online sheet per Excel sheet. If you select another sheet before submitting changes, the new sheet will load onto the grid and changes on the previous sheet will be lost. 

  1. Click the arrow to the right of Versions and select the appropriate version. You can scroll through the data of any version that you have permission to view.  
  2. Click the arrow to the right of Levels and select the appropriate level. 
  3. You can choose to work offline at this point or stay connected. If you go offline, you won't be able to adjust the version or level, or drill down into cell information until you connect again, so make sure you have access to the correct data before you work offline. 

Search for Versions or Levels

Click the Version, Level or Account dropdown arrow. Instead of scrolling through the list of options, start typing the name in the search field at the top of the dropdown menu. The list will filter accordingly and highlight direct matches. 


Adjust the View, Filter and Drill-Down

Adjust the view using a combination of Adaptive Planning and Excel functions to help you find and enter data. Be sure to adjust with Adaptive Planning functions prior to logging off and working offline.  See Change Sheet View for more information.

Excel Functions

These common Excel functions work whether you are connected or offline:

  • Freeze panes: Click the View tab of your Excel ribbon and freeze the top row (column headers), first column (row headers), or both so you can scroll through the data without losing sight of the context.  
  • Hide rows or columns: right-click on a row or column and click Hide to remove data that isn't immediately relevant to you. 
  • Adjust row height and column width, view grid lines and zoom in and out.
  • Use Find to look for specific data.

The Excel filter and sort capabilities are grayed out.  Use the Display Options from the Planning tab ribbon. 

Planning Functions

Planning functions work only when you are connected, depending on the sheet type:

Enter Data in Cells

Before you start editing sheet through Excel, click Refresh Sheet refresheip.png from the Planning tab to load the most recent data. 

On Adaptive Planning grid you have several ways of entering data:

  • Type in numbers or other values directly into cells.
  • Cut and paste or cut and copy data into cells.
  • Select values from dropdown options within the grid. When you select attribute values, the corresponding dimension values will filter for easier data entry.
  • Use Excel formulas to calculate data within the grid. The formula you use and the cell referenced in the formula will not upload to Adaptive Planning, so add a note if you would like others to know how you calculated the value.
  • Add rows for model sheets and complete the value for each cell in the new row. 
  • Add splits and the values entered will roll up (and total) to the original row. 

On the Excel grid:

  • Create charts on the Excel grid, using Excel functions. These charts will save to a new sheet in your workbook. They won't upload to Adaptive Planning, but you can save them locally and share them. 
  • Calculate data on the Excel grid, using Adaptive Planning data. This data will not upload to the online sheet, but you can save it locally and share it. For example, calculate the total of several months. 


Unable to Edit Data

If cells are not editable on your sheet, check or verify any or all:

  • Level Access: You may have selected a level that you can't access. You can only see or edit data based on the level access assigned to your user ID. Or you may be looking at a parent-level, which shows roll up value cells that can't be edited. If that's case, select the smallest child of the level.
  • Standard Sheets with Mixed Account Types: You may be trying to edit a modeled or cube account on a standard sheet. You can only edit General Ledger and custom accounts.
  • Standard Sheets with Mixed Time: The General Ledger or custom account may have a smaller time configuration than the sheet. Right-click on the General Ledger or custom account you want to edit and select PlanningView by Level. The sheet displays the smaller time periods and the cells will be editable.
  • Locked Versions: You may be viewing a version that is either completely locked or locked through a defined period. When a version is locked, the data cannot be altered or edited.
  • Workflow: If the Workflow feature is enabled, you may be viewing a level that has already been submitted.
  • Actuals Overlay: You may be viewing a version that has been completely replaced with Actuals data.
  • Permissions: Check your {{corp}} permissions with your admin to confirm that you have access to the sheet and sheet levels:
    • You may be an Analysis User, which only allows you to view sheets in a read-only mode.
    • You may not have access to the the version or level that you selected.

Refresh, Merge and Submit 

Before submitting your changes, refresh the grid to manage any conflicts, or undo changes you have made. Then, click Submit   to submit your updates to Adaptive Planning.

Get more information on when and how to refresh and submit your updates

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