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Workday Adaptive Planning Knowledge Center

Excel Interface for Planning Interface Tour

Introduces you to the interface of Excel Interface for Planning.

Planning Tab, Planning Pane and Grid

1 Planning tab ribbon

2 Planning pane

  • Choose instances (if you have access to multi-instances), sheets, and levels to display data on the Excel sheet.  
  • Hide, undock and move this pane.
  • Review  cell formulas when applicable.
  • Filter by dimensions and attributes and modify column and row data for cube sheets only. 

3 Excel sheet and Planning grid

Hide, Move or Show the Planning Pane

Watch the video (00 m 55 s): 

Move the Planning Pane in EIP

To hide or show the Planning pane, either toggle the Show Planning Pane preference or click the x in the upper right corner of the Planning pane. 

Hiding and showing the Planning pane and ribbon

To undock the Planning pane, click  on upper right corner of the Planning pane and select Move. Click and drag the pane when the move icon appears. You can either keep it disconnected by dropping it anywhere on your screen, or you can hover at the top, bottom, left or right of the grid until it docks. 

Can't find your undocked Planning pane? Just click the Show Planning Pane toggle in preferences again (even if it is already checked). Your Planning pane will appear. 

The Adaptive Insights and Excel Grids

When you select a sheet from the Planning pane, the sheet columns, rows, formulas and data load into the grid to the right of the pane.

While updating the cells of the grid, be mindful of where you are adding data. The data you update within the Adaptive Insights grid can be submitted to Adaptive Insights. The data you enter or update in the Excel grid, the areas outside the data loaded from Adaptive Insights, are not submitted to Adaptive Insights.

Updates you make outside of the Adaptive Insights grid cannot be submitted and saved to the cloud.



1 Adaptive Insights grid: Changes made here are synched to the online sheets:

When you right-click on cells within the Adaptive Insights grid, click Adaptive Insights from the menu to view and choose context-specific actions

2 Excel grid: Data here is outside the parameters of the Adaptive Insights sheet.  Changes made here can be saved in Excel but will not be synched to the online sheet. 

When you right-click on the Excel grid, you'll see all the options you normally see when using Excel. 

Notice in this example that the user created an Excel chart and an Excel calculation (in the Excel grid)  based on Adaptive Insights data (check out the cell formula displayed at the top.)

 Learn more about how Excel and Adaptive Insights functions in Excel Interface for Planning.

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