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Connect to Adaptive Planning or Work Offline

Connect to Adaptive Planning

When you connect to Adaptive Planning, you can access online sheets to open in Excel, refresh your Excel data with changes others may have submitted since your last connection, and  submit changes you've made in Excel to the cloud.

  1. Launch Excel. 
  2. Click the Planning tab and Log In 
  3. Enter your username and password and click Submit. Once you are connected, you'll see the Planning pane. Log In changes to Log Out.

The data from Adaptive Planning will load into your Excel sheet. Updates you make through Excel are not uploaded to the server until you click Submit submiteip.png.

Connect to Multi-Instances

Watch the video (1 m 19 s):

Multi Instance Access

If you have access to multiple instances:

  1. Launch Excel.
  2. Click the Planning tab and Log In.
  3. Choose an instance from the Instances drop-down:
    Multi-Instance Drop-down
  4. When you select a sheet, the instance locks for that worksheet. To access another instance, add a new tab to open a new worksheet. Then, choose a different instance from the instance drop-down. 

Connect to Adaptive Planning through OfficeConnect

If you have logged in to OfficeConnect, you are automatically logged in to Excel Interface for Planning. The Planning tab and OfficeConnect tab are displayed next to each other. Click the Planning tab and notice you're already logged in.

You now have access to both Planning and Reporting and you can switch between the two of them by clicking Switch to Planning or Switch to Reporting from the Reporting and Planning panes respectively.

Switch Between Planning and Reporting

To use Reporting and Planning at the same time within the same workbook, you must load the data on separate sheets: 

  1. Connect to Adaptive Planning through OfficeConnect. 
  2. From the worksheet, click the Switch to Planning link on the Planning pane and load planning data into the sheet.  
  3. Add a new sheet to the workbook. On the new sheet, the link appears again in the Planning pane
  4. Click the Switch to Reporting link and start building reports on the second sheet. 

Now you can find and enter data on the first sheet for planning and build reports on the second sheet. 

Work Offline

Work offline within an Excel sheet on your local computer:

  1. Launch Excel.
  2. Connect to Adaptive Planning. 
  3. From the Planning pane, find the sheet to view or update and select the appropriate level and version. If all the cells are gray and uneditable, check that you selected a version and level that you have permission to edit. 
  4. Save the sheet to your computer. 
  5. Click Log Out to disconnect from Adaptive Planning. 

You can enter data and save your work offline. Once you are logged out, the Planning pane and the tools in the Planning tab ribbon are unavailable. You can't access other Adaptive Planning sheets, change levels or versions, or refresh and submit your work until you log in again. 

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