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How to Use a Web Report to Export Data in a Database Format

A Matrix Report can be used to export the metadata and data in a database format.  

In the following example, I want to export plan data by level, by product for two cube accounts.  I want the metadata to repeat for every row and don’t want any rollups.


In order to do this, I will need to make sure all elements in the rows are expanded.  A quick way to do this is by adding the element to the row, right click on the element and select Manage Hierarchy.  Below I selected Total Company and then selected Always expanded.


The next step is to make selections in Report Properties.  In the report click on the Report Properties icon.


The following selections were made in Report Properties.  The Default output option was set to Excel.  You will only see the repeating metadata in Excel and will not see it in HTML.  Check the box to Repeat row labels in Excel and Suppress rollups.  You can decide if you want to Suppress rows if all zeros or blank.  There’s also an option to Show account codes if you need them in the export.


Below is the exported information with every field filled in and no rollups:


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