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Display as a Percent of Total

The following report shows the revenue amount and the percent of revenue to total revenue for Levels:

Display As column rows can't have the % sign.  In the example below, the column heading was renamed to %.


Steps to Create the Following Report:

  1. Add Levels to the rows.
  2. Add Time to the report columns and as a Parameter to make the report more dynamic.
  3. Open Display As from the Element’s list and add Value and Custom (renamed as % below) as columns in the report (See below for further instruction).
  4. Right click on Custom and select Formula Assistant and add a formula (See below for further instruction).


How to add Display as Custom Element:

In the report builder, select Display As from the Elements list and add Value and Custom to the report:


Right-click on Custom and select Formula Assistant:


Add a formula like the one below to calculate the percent as a total:
(ACCT.this/ACCT.this[level=United States(+)])*100

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