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Customize Time in Columns by Version

Custom Display As allows different time for versions in the report.

The following report shows three versions with different time: 

  • Working Budget shows the annual budget.
  • YTD Actuals has the actual data from January to the time reflected in the report.
  • Forecast shows data from the time reflected in the report plus 1 month to the end of the year.


Steps to Create the Report:

  1. Add Accounts and Versions to the report (Some of the Version names have been renamed).
  2. Add Time to the report and as a Parameter to make the report more dynamic.
  3. Add a Display As Custom Element and add a formula to calculate time for the Versions (See below for further instruction).
  4. Add a Custom Calculation to the right of the Versions and add a formula to subtract the Actual and Forecast versions from the Working Budget (See below for further instruction).


How to add Display as Custom Element:

In the report builder, select Display As from the Elements list and add the Custom Element to the report:


Right-click on Custom and select Formula Assistant:


Add a formula like the one below to calculate time for the Versions.  Pay close attention to the Version name and the Code for Time (Go to Model Management and Time to see the Code).

if (search(,"working budget")>0, ACCT.this[time=FY_2019],if ( = "actuals", ACCT.this[time=Jan_2019:this],if (month(this) = 12, 0, ACCT.this[time=this+1:Dec_2019] )))

How to add a Custom Calculation:

In the report builder, select Calculations from the Elements list and add the Custom Element to the report.  In the example below, the Custom Element has been renamed to Remaining Budget.


Right-click on the Element and select Formula Assistant.


Create the formula by selecting the Version Elements:


Below is another example of Customizing Time in the Columns for Versions:


Display As Custom formula:

if (search(,"working budget")>0, ACCT.this[time=FY_2019],if ( = "actuals", ACCT.this[time=Jan_2019:this],0 ))

Calculation Custom formula:


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