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Leveraging the Report Date for Relative Time in OfficeConnect (2m 54s)

One of the best ways to reduce the maintenance of your OfficeConnect reports every month is to leverage the Workbook Property > Report Date and understand its relationship to time in your reports.

Workbook Properties > Report Date is your time anchor

When you create a new OfficeConnect report the file will set the current date as your time anchor.  This should be adjusted to whatever you consider the “current month” before you start any building.  For example if you are building a new report in April, usually either April or March would be the current month (or often the last month of actual data).  If you are working from an existing report, you can set the anchor to be whatever month the report was last run for.

NOTE:  If your time stratum is monthly, selecting any day in the month selects the month. 

Relative Time

Using the example above with a report date set to May 13, 2020 here are some examples of relative time.


With this setup, when the Report Date is changed, you will always end up with the prior month, selected month, following month, and selected month from the prior year.

Leveraging Labels for Time Display

When you apply time elements to your report OfficeConnect labels them as shown in the table above in Row 2 if you applied time to columns or in Column A if you applied time to Rows.  Month (current) is not a very helpful description in your report so you should leverage labels for display.

Default display:

Display with labels:

TIP:  It is often easiest to hide Row 2 as the system will keep putting text there as you add new elements to your report.

Applying labels for this example:

  1.  Highlight Row 4.

  2.  Click the Labels icon on the OfficeConnect ribbon.

  3.  Select Time from the Label Types selector.

  4.  Select {Time Name} from the Label Type Values selector.

  5.  Click the Add Expression button.

  6.  Click Ok.

  7.  Click the Refresh button on the OfficeConnect ribbon.

Updating an Existing Report

The following video shows the above steps in action on an existing Excel report.

The user interface might not match what you see in this video.