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How to Use Label Suppression in OfficeConnect to Improve the Look and Feel of Reports with Hide Zeros on.

One of the nice features in OfficeConnect is the ability to hide rows that don’t contain data.  Dynamic reports though can often mess up formatting. This article outlines the steps you can do to support both the suppression of the zero rows but also clean up things like spacer rows and headers.

Starting view


If we now click the Hide Zeros & Blanks button on the OfficeConnect ribbon, you will see in the screenshot below that there are a few rows that we don’t need in the report, some with text and some just blank rows.

Default Hide Zeros & Blanks turned on initial view


Label Suppression is the tool that we can use to automate how the report should respond when the rows around it get suppressed because of having zeros.  To start we need to turn off the Hide Zeros & Blanks to get back to our initial view. Label Suppression can only be setup one Row at a time so we will repeat the following steps on rows 5, 10, and 11.


  1. First turn off Hide Zeros & Blanks by clicking the ribbon button (if it is currently still on).

  2. Select the row to apply Label Suppression to, click the Label Suppression button on the OfficeConnect ribbon.

  3. When the Label Suppression dialog box pops up, you then need to select the rows that have the data that will drive if the row should be displayed or not.  In this example that is all the revenue accounts in rows 6-9. If they are all 0 we don’t need the label row in the sheet.

  4. Click OK, repeat for all necessary rows.

  5. When finished with all rows, click the Refresh button to refresh the sheet (if you click Hide Zeros & Blanks before you refresh, the label rows will not be hidden).

Report view with the label and blank rows suppressed

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