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Dashboards: Display Data Regardless of Level

There are times when it would be useful to have a function of displaying all data regardless of level in Adaptive Discovery, as currently Discovery does not have this function enabled. It is currently present in matrix reports, which would be one way to display data for levels that users do not always have access to. One example of this is some sort of metric or KPI that relies on rollup totals of your organizational levels. But what if you need to display this KPI value to users of each individual organization level that takes part in this calculation, but do not wish to assign organizational access to those levels for all users? For this example, we will use a scenario where an average of 3 level rollups will need to be displayed on a Discovery dashboard as a KPI metric. This can be accomplished with assumption accounts, with steps detailed below:

  1. Navigate to Modeling>>Model management and click on Assumptions.
  2. From there, highlight the root group called “Assumptions.”
  3. Click the “create new account” button at the top.


  1. Give it a name and code. For the purposes of this example, let’s use Discovery_1, Discovery_2 and Discovery_3. For the final KPI calculation, let's use KPI
    • You will want to create enough assumptions for the number of level rollups that you want to use in your calculation (or accounts that will be used in the calculation, really).
    • You will also need an assumption account that will perform the calculation.


  1. You will want to add them to a user assigned sheet.
    • Navigate to Modeling>>Model management and click on User assigned sheets.
    • Click “New sheet.”
    • Go through the wizard (give it a name, etc).
    • When you get to the add accounts screen, go ahead and add all the assumptions from earlier to the sheet.
    • Finish up the wizard (make sure to add yourself and another user account with limited level access to the sheet).


  1. Once the sheet has been set up, navigate to it – Navicon>>Assumptions>>New sheet name.
  2. In the accounts themselves on the sheet within the cell, add a formula (on the blue ribbon, there will be an “fx” button) for each assumption to refer to accounts from the different level rollup. Something like ACCT.Example[Level=some_parent_level].


  1. In the last assumption, ASSUM.KPI, do the same, except put in a formula to combine the assumptions from above. Like if it’s an average, the formula will be div((ASSUM.1+ASSUM.2+ASSUM.3), 3).


  1. This last assumption may then be used on discovery dashboards.

The advantage is that users cannot drill into these assumptions to view further financials on the levels that they are not assigned to, so the level security settings are preserved. When they attempt to drill in, all they will see is a non-drillable version of the formula plus a non-drillable evaluated formula.

After the data and the calculations have been set up, you can place some or all these assumptions on a Discovery dashboard.

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