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Creating a Chart in a Standard Sheet and Saving to Dashboards

A chart can be created in a standard sheet and saved to a Dashboard.  In the following P&L sheet, I’m using Version Comparison to compare my working budget to prior year actual data.  

To create a chart, I simply highlight data and select the chart icon.


The chart will appear in the right side of the screen.  Below is a column chart with the working budget data. Because I have prior year actual data as a comparison in the sheet, I can add it to the chart.


To change the Chart Style or the Chart Detail, click on the Chart Options button and make selections.  

To view the chart, click on the Fullscreen icon:

To interact with the chart, select from any of the options highlighted below or hover over the columns in the chart to see the details.

To save the chart to a Dashboard, select the Save to Dashboards button, select the Dashboard and select Save.


The chart has been added to the Revenue Overview Dashboard:


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